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Handmade Knives
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Hi , I have been making knives part time since the spring of 2003. My knives are all hand made by me, starting with a bar of steel, using the stock removal method.
I started out using 1095 High Carbon steel, doing the heat treating and tempering myself. I'm now using 440c SS, ATS-34, 154cm and A2 tool steel.
From 2005-2008 the blades were sent out for heat treating, tempering and deep cryogenic treatment.
Since Jan. 2009 I've been heat treating the blades myself, with the oven I built.
At the end of 2014, begining of 2015, I started making some folding knives.
Some of the handle materials I like to use are stabilized wood, Micarta and antler.

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'Til Death
A lifetime of free sharpening. Just return the knife to me and I will sharpen it.
If you need to mail it send return postage and your address.
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